Tom Brady: ‘I’m the baddest mother-[expletive] on the planet’

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Tom Brady is pretty fired up heading into this AFC Championship with the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Immediately following New England's win over the Chargers to stamp their ticket to Arrowhead Stadium for a chance to advance to Super Bowl LIII, Brady showed some venom toward the Patriots naysayers while putting them on notice telling CBS' Tracy Wolfson that he knows people think they "suck and can't win any games." 

He continued that talk the next day with WEEI and apparently he's had that mentality all throughout the week. 

While appearing on the NFL Network on Sunday leading up to this AFC Championship tilt, Mike Giardi relayed an all-time quote from Brady during his report that came inside the locker room this week. 

"28 Patriots players on their current roster have never played a game at Arrowhead Stadium," Giardi began. "Shaq Mason said, 'I heard it's pretty loud.' Tom Brady, however, is one of those guys that has been in here and one that. Julian Edelman said this week that Brady is throwing the ball in practice as well as he has all year and a Patriots staffer told me early in the week that Brady walked into the facility and said and I quote, 'I'm the baddest mother-[expletive] on the planet.'

Brady's clearly locked in. 

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