Zero chance Brian Flores pulls a McDaniels, Belichick on Miami Dolphins

Palm Beach Post

If and when the Miami Dolphins are finally able to to schedule a news conference to introduce head coach Brian Flores, he’ll be there.

Flores is coaching under Bill Belichick, who once used his introductory news conference as New York Jets head coach to resign.

Flores is coaching with Josh McDaniels, who once decided not to show up for his introductory new conference as Indianapolis Colts coach, even though his hiring had already been announced.

Flores is a bit busy right now, preparing to call defensive plays for the New England Patriots in Sunday’s AFC championship game. But whenever his season ends, is there any chance at all, that Flores would even consider a Belichickian-McDanielslike reversal?

“Zero point zero percent chance,” a person familiar with the situation says.

Flores wants the job. He’s comfortable with the plan to build what he agrees is the right way, through the draft and not with band-aid signings of free agent veterans.

Flores’ situation is different than those of Belichick and McDaniels as he is younger, has less play-calling experience and is about to be granted an opportunity to lead the Dolphins a bit sooner than some anticipated.

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