Eagles QB Nick Foles isn’t ready to retire: ‘I’m really loving playing this game’

Sporting News

It's a conversation Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has had many times with loved ones.

The backup-turned-starter has pondered retirement before, and with Philadelphia committing again to Carson Wentz as QB1, questions regarding the 29-year-old's future arose Friday.

But, Foles, who turns 30 on Jan. 20, isn't ready to step away just yet.

"I've never had a set — I want to play until I'm 40, I want to play until I'm this — it's more so a faith thing," he said. "If this is where my heart's led, I'm doing it for the right reasons, I'll continue to do it. If I can't find the right reasons to do this game, then I need to pursue something else.

"But right now, I'm really loving playing this game. Being a part of a locker room like this has energized me. I've grown this last year as a player more this last year than I ever have. I'm really starting to understand how I want to play this game."

Foles took over under center in December after Wentz had to sit out the final month-plus with a back injury. Foles led the Eagles to four consecutive wins and the divisional round before a loss to the Saints ended their run.

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