Pollock? Kimbrel? Mets need one more big move for offseason success

New York Post

The Mets reached third base on Wednesday with their introduction of Jed Lowrie at a Citi Field news conference.

Can they advance the final 90 feet to turn this into a home-run winter?

They’d have to make one more big move. One more boost — for the short term, the long term or both — to convince their fans that they’re more legit and less likely to quit.

Bryce Harper. Manny Machado. A.J. Pollock. Craig Kimbrel. An extension for Jacob deGrom.

Do they have it in them for one more significant outlay?

“I don’t think that we ever want to limit our options or assume that we have all of the answers at this point,” rookie general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said at the news conference. “But with the players we added, and obviously with Jed being another significant investment for the organization, I think we continue to feel really, really good about the team that we created and our ability to contend, our ability to win.

“And if other opportunities present themselves down the road, we’ll be open to them. But I think we feel really good about what we have right now.”

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