James Harden’s on fire, and he may only be warming up

The Score

We need to talk about James Harden.

No one's oblivious to the unbelievable tear Harden has embarked on over his last 17 games, but the reigning MVP has taken his game to a level of offensive excellence so absurd, you find yourself rambling in maniacal, verbal circles when trying to comprehend it.

Harden entered Monday's game against the Grizzlies tied with Kobe Bryant for the most consecutive 30-point performances since the NBA-ABA merger. He crossed the threshold for the record-setting 17th straight game with 3:27 remaining … in the first half, eventually finishing with 57 points on 17-of-33 shooting in 34 minutes of action, leading the Houston Rockets to their 14th win in 18 contests.

Over his last 17 appearances, he's averaging 41.3 points on a true shooting percentage of 62.8 while attempting more than 15 3-pointers a night. To witness Harden's flame-throwing right now is the basketball equivalent of a religious experience.

He's an offensive entity the likes of which we've never seen. This is a guard, whose game is predicated on sky-high usage, ball distribution, and a plethora of step-back jumpers, somehow scoring with the efficiency of a low-volume big man.

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