Orioles Will Reportedly Hire Don Long As Hitting Coach


An exact date for the Orioles to announce their coaching staff doesn’t exist. The closest you’ll get is “fairly soon,” or “shouldn’t be too much longer.” The process is playing out. Like everything else in a rebuild, patience is a requirement.

No one from the 2018 staff is expected to stay in the organization. Third base coach Bobby Dickerson appeared to have a shot at one point, but it faded and he accepted a job as the Phillies’ infield coach, the deal finalized late Thursday night.

Whether or not you link the hire to the Phillies’ pursuit of free agent Manny Machado, it’s a smart move to bring in one of the top infield instructors in baseball. No amount of spin should carry you away from that fact.

Hall of Famer Jim Palmer vouched for Dickerson and his opinion carried a lot of weight.

Dickerson, as I reported, will sit in the Phillies dugout rather than also serve as a base coach. Meanwhile, the Orioles are expected to use José Flores, coming from the Phillies, as their third base coach and infield instructor. Former Red Sox first base coach and outfielder instructor Arnie Beyeler will replace Wayne Kirby at first.

This is a breakfast rehash. Feel free to plop a poached egg on top of it.

Don Long, let go by the Reds, is replacing Scott Coolbaugh as hitting coach. Tim Cossins will work with the catchers, but does he also become bench coach with the other spots apparently filled?

If John Wasdin is the bullpen coach, and I’m only going by the offer made to him, that leaves pitching coach and assistant hitting coach.

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