Fizdale couldn’t bear to watch Porzingis’ impressive workout

New York Post

Kristaps Porzingis’ return date remains uncertain. That won’t change for some time.

He is scheduled to be evaluated again in mid-February. His return from a torn ACL wouldn’t come before then. It may not even come until next season.

When David Fizdale watched his star’s individual workout Friday, the coach had to remind himself of all of that. It was hard to accept that the All-Star throwing down dunks, and shooting 3-pointers, might not be available to him this season.

It was easy to envision what the Knicks could look like when Fizdale can play Porzingis for the first time.

“Today, I walked by and just put my hand up [in front of my face] because it’s just for me, it’s like, ‘God, I’ve got this 7-foot beast here,’” Fizdale said before the Knicks’ 121-105 loss to the Pacers. “[Porzingis] started laughing. He said, ‘Don’t look, coach. Don’t look.’ But he’s progressing, and I think he’s in a really good place right now.

“We’re still being cautious, I would say, but at the same time just pushing, getting to the next level, jumping and moving, his strides and all of that stuff. … He’s in a really, a great groove right now with his workouts and his development.”

While watching Porzingis work with assistant coach Kaleb Canales, Fizdale said he’s seen little hint of the injury which has kept the Knicks’ franchise player out all season, and praised his ability to maintain a “positive” mindset.

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