An Absurdly Mature Patrick Mahomes Looks Ready For the Super Bowl

The Big Lead

If there was one remaining question about Patrick Mahomes, it was whether or not he could win in the playoffs. After the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s playoff debut, a 31-13 rout over the Indianapolis Colts, Mahomes killed that narrative. He ended all second-guessing.

Mahomes was brilliant, completing 66 percent of his passes for 278 yards at 6.8 yards per pass with a rushing touchdown. He is ready for a Super Bowl win.

It wasn’t just that he was prolific, which is impressive in itself. Mahomes had tremendous command of the offense, and took over the game within the first 10 minutes of play. He and the Chiefs took a two-touchdown lead, and rode that into the AFC Championship Game. The snow didn’t bother Mahomes. The quarterback duel with Andrew Luck –who was encroaching into Mahomes’ territory as the hottest quarterback in the NFL — didn’t faze the young Chiefs’ star.

Mahomes whipped the ball around, just like he’s done the entire season. The pace of the playoffs — which is always evidently the NFL’s seventh gear — was still no match for the speed of his throws. His arm strength and accuracy were just as marvelous as the regular season.

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