Somebody is lying about Eric Reid’s drug testing, and this is only going to get uglier

New York Daily News

Somebody is lying.

We just don’t know who it is…yet.

On one side there’s the NFL and the National Football League Players Association, and on the other sits Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid and his legal team.

On Wednesday morning, the NFL and the NFLPA released a statement in response to Reid’s claims that he had been drug tested seven times in 11 weeks.

Throughout the season, Reid implied that he felt he was being targeted. And I mean, who could blame him?

Reid is a close friend of Colin Kaepernick, continued to kneel in peaceful protest during the national anthem before every game this past season, and got into a heated pregame scuffle with Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, the man who is the leader of the Players Coalition. The Players Coalition is the very same group that Reid and Kaepernick walked away from after Jenkins and the rest of the members decided to take the league’s money for social justice programs if they stopped their pregame demonstrations.

Which is why the last 48 hours have been so uncomfortable.

“We take any claim questioning the integrity of our collectively bargained performance enhancing drug policy seriously. We asked the independent administrator of the policy to review and produce a report on the claims of targeting. A copy of this report, which contains personal and confidential testing information, has been provided to Eric Reid. We will not breach any player’s confidentiality, but can confirm that the report documents the dates he was randomly selected for testing and the actual dates of the drug tests,” read the joint statement from the NFL and NFLPA on Wednesday.

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