Mike McCarthy falling off Jets’ radar as Adam Gase rises

New York Post

The Jets’ search for a head coach is entering its second week and the team has talked to plenty of candidates.

Here is a closer look at some of the storylines of the search and some of my thoughts:

1. Any thought former Packers coach Mike McCarthy is a favorite to land this job is off. At this point, I would be surprised if McCarthy ends up with the job. The idea that was out there that the Jets were in love with McCarthy and he was their No. 1 choice is wrong. The Jets entered this search with an open mind, committed to going through the process of the interviews and seeing who impressed them. Interviewing McCarthy was a no-brainer because of his résumé. However, there was no thought that he was a shoo-in for the job.

There also remains chatter in league circles that McCarthy may sit out 2019. It makes sense. He has been a head coach for 13 seasons. He may want a break to spend time with his family. McCarthy, 55, may also view the current jobs he is up for — the Jets and Browns — as unattractive because they both have been losing franchises. McCarthy may believe a better job could open after next year. He is from Pittsburgh and there was speculation that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin might be in trouble this year. Maybe McCarthy thinks he could wind up back in his hometown.

2. Keep an eye on Adam Gase. I think the former Dolphins coach will get a long look from the Jets. He makes a lot of sense for them. He is a young (40), offensive-minded head coach, which they are looking for. But he also has the experience of already being a head coach, another plus for him.

Gase went 23-25 with the Dolphins, but his quarterbacks were Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore and Jay Cutler. He has proven what he can do with a good quarterback in his years as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator with the Broncos and Peyton Manning. What could he do with Sam Darnold?

Another thing to consider is the value of having a head coach who is the play-caller. If the Jets bring in a coach who does not call the plays and hires an offensive coordinator who has success with Darnold, that offensive coordinator will have a head-coaching job within two years and the Jets will be searching for another voice for Darnold.

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