Chargers knew ’60 to 70 percent’ of Ravens offensive plays before they happened

CBS Sports

The buzz around Baltimore coming out of the Ravens 23-17 loss to the Chargers on Sunday primarily involved the quarterback situation with Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson and how angry people were that Baltimore didn't yank Jackson out of his first playoff start and plug Flacco in against the stout Chargers defense. 

First things first: if you booed Jackson on Sunday, shame on you. That dude is the face of the franchise and he's the youngest quarterback ever to start a playoff game and he's getting booed by his own home fans? Come on. 

Second things second: the Chargers are a very good defense. And they knew what was coming. According to Jenny Vrentas of, defensive lineman Damion Square claimed the Chargers knew "60 to 70 percent" of the Ravens plays before they happened. 

"You see tendencies," Square said. "Guys react the same way all the time to pressure. We saw that on tape. We knew where he wanted to escape, and we showed up in those gaps."

The entire article is an excellent "gamer" story from Vrentas, so make sure you read it (deep strategy dives while writing on deadline is hard to do and she killed it in this one), but it's worth noting Square provided a specific example of when Lamar likes to try and escape and which direction he likes to escape in certain situations

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