Will owner, G.M., assistant coaches take leap of faith with Josh McDaniels, again?

Pro Football Talk

After Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels jilted the Colts last year, some thought he had blown his shot at other head-coaching opportunities. A year later, McDaniels has multiple potential suitors.

Getting an interview is one thing; getting an offer could be quite another.

For now, it’s possible that teams like the Packers, Browns, and Bengals simply want to pick McDaniels’ brain regarding life with a franchise quarterback (OK, that may leave out the Bengals), given that Green Bay has one on the wrong side of 35 and Cleveland has one on the right side of 25. Before anyone would extend McDaniels an offer of employment, he’ll surely need to answer tough questions about why he did what he did a year ago, and whether there’s a chance he’d do it again.

Chances are he knows he can’t, that if he accepts an offer on a wink-nod basis before the Patriots end their playoff run, he’d have no choice but to honor it this time, lest he never be trusted again. Still, the real question is whether McDaniels can be trusted not simply to show up if he unofficially accepts, but whether if he couldn’t be trusted a year ago with a fairly big thing he can be trusted now and in the future with a wide array of little things.

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