UCLA Needs To Fire Steve Alford

The Big Lead

Steve Alford and the UCLA Bruins are reeling. Things reached a new low for the school’s basketball program on Saturday, as UCLA lost to Liberty 73-58 at home. Yes, the Bruins were blown out at home by Jerry Falwell’s school.

It was the fourth loss in a row for Alford’s team, which has dropped six of nine and is now 7-6 on the season. This has come despite a wealth of talent and after a ton of resources have been poured into the program. It begs the question: How, after six years of mediocrity, has UCLA not fired Alford?

UCLA’s basketball team is absolutely loaded with talent. According to 247, the current roster boasts two players who were five-star recruits, seven who were four-stars, five who were in the top 50 of their classes and a whopping nine who were in the top 100. And that doesn’t include Shareef O'Neal who is missing the season due to a heart issue.

Talent is clearly not UCLA’s problem, coaching is.

Despite having a silly level of recruiting success, Alford hasn’t even won a conference title during his first five years in Westwood. He’s also never gotten beyond the Sweet 16, but that’s nothing new for him, as he’s never done that in any of his 23 years as a head coach.

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