Matt Schaub wants to remain in Atlanta, backing up Matt Ryan next year

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Matt Schaub doesn’t know if his career as a football player will end Sunday when the Falcons wrap up the regular season at Tampa Bay, but he’s just about positive he wants to stay around the game, whether he’s wearing an NFL uniform in the future.

The Falcons backup quarterback is cooking up backup plans, but don’t make any plans to call him “Coach Schaub.”

With 15 NFL seasons to his credit, Schaub will become an unrestricted free agent soon, and it’s not clear whether the Falcons will invite the two-time Pro Bowler back to caddy a fourth season for starter Matt Ryan. He’d like to finish his playing career where it began.

“I love the game, still think I can do it, so I would love to keep playing. I love this organization, and I would love to see if they want me back here,” he said. “We’ll see what happens when the season is over, assess the situation and think about it, talk with my wife and see where things go.”

If he doesn’t pick up a satisfactory answer from an NFL team next spring or summer, Schaub probably won’t stray far. 

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