Taylor Lewan on Josh Norman incident: ‘Wolves don’t care about the opinions of sheep’

USA Today

One of the game’s biggest personalities took objection with another lightning rod for controversy, and, nearly a week later, the verbal jabs are still being thrown.

Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan got into a postgame altercation with Redskins’ cornerback Josh Norman on the Washington sideline after their Week 16 game because, well, let Lewan explain.

“Listen,” Lewan said Friday ahead of theTitans’ Sunday night game against the Indianapolis Colts, “the whole thing was, (Norman) pulled on Derrick (Henry’s) leg. Derrick said he didn’t think he was hurting him. I saw the play. I’ve never seen somebody tackle somebody on the ground and gator-roll like that or whip him around. And I went and said something to (Norman) on his sideline after the game.”

Lewan then mocked Norman with a bow-and-arrow-celebration. Norman, who was sitting on the bench after the Titans had won 25-16 to eliminate the Redskins from playoff contention, got up, threw his helmet at Lewan, slapped his arm and got in his face before the scuffle was broken up.

When speaking to Redskins reporters on Wednesday, Norman said: “(I’ll) put it like this: You come to your front porch and he’s squatting on it. He’s taking a big, fat dump on your porch.

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