Stars CEO rips into Benn, Seguin: ‘It’s pissed me off … We are getting terrible play from our top two players’

Sports Day

At the top of the Dallas Stars roster sit two franchise cornerstones– one a homegrown, late-draft find that has blossomed into the captain, and the other a trade acquisition that has become a sniper and now a long-term asset.

Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are two of the NHL's premier players and the horses that will carry Dallas should Stanley Cup aspirations become reality. In the past, they've helped comprise some of the best lines in the league, boosting a soaring Stars offense. But this season has left the franchise wanting more from its two players under contract for the longest: Benn through 2024-25 and Seguin through 2026-27.

On Friday morning, Stars CEO Jim Lites said the team's ownership and management group has been frustrated by this season so far, in which the Stars are 19-16-3 and loosely gripping the eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference. They've taken on the conference's best teams. But they've laid eggs against some lesser ones.

Lites said this Stars team is one of the best he's overseen in Dallas, noting that he's won both a Stanley Cup and a President's Trophy with the team. The talent on the team excites him, but the results have not.

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