LeBron James likes Instagram post suggesting Anthony Davis trade

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached the social media stalking period of the LeBron James-Anthony Davis courtship. Any time one superstar likes a post involving another, it becomes a story in itself. Remember when Jimmy Butler was liking posts about teaming up with Kyrie Irving? That is the NBA in 2018. And now, James has gotten in on the fun. With Christmas here, Bleacher Report published a picture on Instagram suggesting that James' wish for the holiday was a trade for Davis from his Los Angeles Lakers. As Bleacher Report found themselves, James liked that post.

One of the biggest stories leading into their head-to-head matchup last week was James stating outright that he would like Davis on his team. Small-market GMs were furious at the notion of a player being so forthright about his interests, calling it tampering and asking for punishment. But the league can't police everything that players say, and James explained the situation away by jokingly having reporters ask him about other star players. He said he would like to play with any of them, ranging from his former teammate in Irving to rivals like Kevin Durant. We can't ask athletes to be forthcoming with the media and then chastise them when they actually are. James was honest.

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