Kevin Garnett Told Anthony Davis Flat Out That He Should Join LeBron And The Lakers

Dime Magazine

For Anthony Davis, free agency is still more than a year and half away. But that hasn’t stopped the rampant speculation about where he might end up. The smart money is on him joining LeBron and the Lakers.

LeBron, for his part, has made no secret about the fact that he’d love to play alongside Davis, to the point that some GMs around the league, and even Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry, have accused him of tampering.

LeBron had a bluntly unapologetic response to those accusations, while Davis has been more diplomatic about the whole thing, telling fans that he loves New Orleans, while remaining noncommittal about his future there. Everyone has an opinion on the matter, and over the weekend, future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett chimed in with his thoughts.

Garnett told Davis in no uncertain terms that he’s been with the Pelicans long enough and that it’s time for a change, via Martin Rogers of USA Today:

“When Anthony Davis suits up for the Pelicans, that’s the best the Pelicans are going to be right there,” Garnett said. “They are capped out. They are playing at the top of the level they can play at. Davis with LeBron James — he goes to another level and that’s scary.

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