Phillies must convince Manny Machado and Bryce Harper that they are about to join a dynasty

We have arrived at Manny Eve, the day before a superstar free-agent infielder visits Philadelphia and finds out what the Phillies have to offer him this holiday season. We know it will not be an easy sell even though the Phillies are most likely willing to pay in excess of $300 million over 10 years in order to convince Manny Machado that he should play his home games next season at Citizens Bank Park.

Machado actually spent Manny Eve in the Big Apple with the New York Yankees, the team that many believe he’d most like to play for next season. The Phillies, of course, cannot compete with the Yankees in many ways. The Phils trail the Yanks, 27-2, in World Series titles, so there’s that to overcome.

Sure, Manny, we’re down a few titles, but we’re expecting to have one hell of a century and we really think you can help.

Star players surely have a lot better chance of making money beyond the game playing near Madison Avenue than they do playing on Pattison Avenue. And, perhaps most importantly, the Yankees won 100 games and reached the postseason a year ago while the Phillies won only 80 and missed the playoffs for a seventh straight year.

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