Baker Mayfield has no regrets about anything he said about Hue Jackson

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Baker Mayfield indicated Wednesday he’s had contact with Hue Jackson since calling him ‘fake’ a day after the Browns’ beat the Bengals 35-20 in Cincinnati on Nov. 25th.

Asked if either one of them has reached out since then, Mayfield said “no comment.’’

He also said his feelings about Jackson haven’t changed since he rebuffed his hug attempt after the game and said he didn’t feel like talking to him.

“No, I said what I said,’’ said Mayfield. “It’s another week. We have to hit the reset button. We have to be able to come in, be able to block out the distractions, block out the outside noise like we have week to week every time this season and be able to do our job.”

He noted “it’s alright’’ if the Bengals play angry because of Mayfield’s remarks. In addition, free safety Damarious Randall handed the ball to Jackson after his interception during the game.

“Football is an angry, violent game,’’ said Mayfield. “If you play anything but pissed off, I don’t think you’re doing it right.”

Mayfield acknowledged after the first meeting that he got his game face on, in part, by being mad at Jackson for defecting to the Bengals two weeks after Jimmy Haslam fired him, with two Browns games left on their schedule. He parlayed it into four TD passes to set a Browns’ rookie record.

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