Jon Gruden reportedly is ‘very high’ on Nathan Peterman. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is unemployed.

Washington Post

In a football world in which Colin Kaepernick continues to be unable to find a job, the latest report about quarterback tryouts makes perfect sense. The Oakland Raiders are bringing in Nathan Peterman.

That’s the same Nathan Peterman who passed for three touchdowns and 12 interceptions in eight appearances over two seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He was the designated starter when the season opened, but was replaced by rookie Josh Allen after throwing two interceptions and passing for only 24 yards against the Ravens in Week 1.

Gruden, according to Bills beat writer Ryan Talbot of New York Upstate, is “very high” on Peterman, who will work out for the team Wednesday in Oakland. Lest you think that description is some kind of snark, Gruden has been very high on Peterman before. Back before the 2017 draft, when he was working for ESPN and doing his “QB Camp” thing, he took a look at Peterman and liked him better than Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky, all of whom have gone on to some acclaim in the NFL.

“Peterman is ready to walk in and be a contributor from day one,” he wrote in April of that year (via “He just looks like a pro quarterback — coming out of the huddle, running an offense with different formations, shifting, motioning, different patterns that other colleges don’t run. Peterman will recognize route combinations and associate formations . . . Most importantly, he will be able to get in a huddle from day one and look at 10 grown men and tell them where to go and what to do and handle a versatile snap count.”

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