Is Carmelo Anthony Last NBA Opportunity Still With The Miami Heat?

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The conundrum known as the Carmelo Anthony saga continues as the 10-time All-Star finds himself on the unemployed list.

Anthony finished the 2017-18 season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, Anthony struggled to find his role with the Thunder and would eventually be traded in the offseason to the Atlanta Hawks. Days later, Atlanta and Melo reached a buy-out agreement.

After a season with the Thunder, it became obvious that Melo may have to consider coming off the bench in his next role. Right before the 2018-19 season, Anthony signed a one-year deal with the Houston Rockets. Prior to the season, critics and analysts debated if he would fit with the Rockets run and gun style.

Needless to say, after playing only 10 games with the Rockets, both parties agreed to part ways. Unfortunately, Houston and Melo’s camp had yet to reach a buyout agreement. Before Carmelo Anthony signed with the Rockets another team who seemed to be interested was the Miami Heat.

Once the 34-year-old is on the market again, he will need to find another place to play. Currently, the Heat are ninth in the Eastern Conference with a 13-16 record on the season. Although Miami finds themselves outside of the playoff picture, would signing Melo help this team moving forward?

Is Anthony’s last NBA opportunity  with the Heat? Despite his short and unfair stint in Houston, he will play again in the NBA and it won’t be with the Heat. Let’s discuss the matter at hand, which isn’t only about what Carmelo Anthony has left, but what teams are around that would need a player like him on their roster.

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