Vikings owner Zygi Wilf insists Mike Zimmer’s job as head coach is safe

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had been under fire lately from fans and the media because the team has struggled after reaching the NFC Championship Game last season. In case you were wondering, Zimmer’s job is safe. And that’s according to the team owner, Zygi Wilf.

“We’re very happy with the coach and the entire coaching staff,” Wilf said after the Vikings’ 41-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins kept the team in the sixth and final slot for an NFC playoff spot.

“It’s great to be in this position in December, that’s for sure,” Wilf said. “I’m very proud we stepped up and answered any questions about who we were as a team. I think we showed we were one of the best and can beat anyone on any given day.”

The Vikings failed to show that in three of their past four games, including back-to-back road losses at New England and Seattle.

After last week’s loss in Seattle, Zimmer’s daughter, Cori Zimmer White, used social media to rebuke fans who have been critical of her father’s coaching.

Her long defense of her dad originally was posted on Instagram and, as you might expect, found its way to Twitter and other social media as well as other media platforms.

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