Kevin Durant provides playoffs warning to inconsistent Warriors

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Kevin Durant warned his Warriors teammates they cannot be so inconsistent or the team will pay the price when the NBA playoffs come around.

The Warriors were cruising on the road Friday against the Kings, leading by 16 before a huge 26-point swing left them trailing by 10 with three minutes to play.

A late rally followed, though the Warriors still trailed with 38 seconds to go before scoring seven unanswered points to claim a 130-125 victory, the narrow escape coming just two days after a morale-denting home defeat to the Eastern Conference-leading Raptors.

While Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all impressed against the Kings, Durant – who himself starred with 33 points, eight assists and eight rebounds – has had enough of the up-and-down play. Even though the Warriors are 20-10 and just percentage points behind the Nuggets for the Western Conference lead, they were 9-9 in their previous 18 games.

"We have got to be better," Durant told NBC Sports Bay Area after the game. "We can't have lows like that, especially when we are playing a solid game in the first half. We can't have lows like that because in the playoffs, if we do, we are going to lose.

"We weren’t disciplined, we were shooting shots just to shoot them, throwing passes just to pass them – no sense of urgency, no purpose.

"Against a young team like that on the road, they are looking for something to let them back in the game, and we just let them back in."

But Durant did take encouragement from his side outscoring the Kings 17-2 down the stretch.

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