Josh McDaniels expected to get head coaching offers, will be ‘picky’

WEEI Boston

Even though there are three weeks left of the regular season, head-coaching rumors are already swirling and Josh McDaniels is again at the center of them.

As of now, the Browns and Packers jobs are open with several more coming as the season comes to a close.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan Friday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter shared his thoughts on McDaniels and what his thought process may be. Schefter noted even after what happened last year with the Colts, he's still at the top of most lists and he has earned the right to be very selective.

“If he wants one, he will get one," said Schefter. "There is no doubt in my mind about that because we get on average seven head-coaching changes per year. We’ve already gotten two. We will get minimum, four or five more. There just will be. So the six, seven, eight openings, you tell me who the six, seven, eight coaches are that people are targeting, and last year when everybody hired all of these coaches, the majority of them were offensive-minded coaches. And the year before they were offensive-minded coaches. They are always offensive-minded coaches. If they are always offensive-minded coaches, who would be the top guy in that area? Josh McDaniels.

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