Sorry Seattle, Suns CEO says team wants to stay in Valley even if Phoenix rejects arena deal

Arizona Central

The Phoenix Suns on Thursday vowed to look elsewhere in the Valley for a place to play if the city of Phoenix doesn’t agree to upgrade Talking Stick Resort Arena.

Suns CEO and President Jason Rowley told me the team would consider moving out of state only as a last resort and hasn’t gone looking elsewhere.

“We would look for another home here in the Valley but if that didn’t happen, if there wasn’t any option here in the Valley, what’s the other option after that?” he said.

Rowley flatly denied that anyone in the Suns organization has threatened city officials with leaving if the $230 million arena upgrade isn’t approved.

One Phoenix City Council member, meanwhile, backed away from his earlier comment to me that Suns owner Robert Sarver told him he would go to Seattle or Las Vegas if the arena deal isn’t approved.

That council member, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Sarver didn’t actually name the two cities but that he made it clear that he would leave if the City Council doesn’t approve the arena deal. This, in a conversation that came as the votes were becoming shaky.

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