Jalen Ramsey: If Trade Rumors Aren’t True, Jaguars Need To Open Extension Talks Next Year

Florida Times Union

Last month, the Jaguars denied an ESPN report they will likely consider trading All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey this offseason.

But on Thursday, Ramsey said if the Jaguars are serious about the report not being true then they should initiate contract extension talks after the season.

Ramsey is in the third year of his rookie contract that extends through the 2019 season. The Jaguars can exercise his fifth year option for 2020, sign him to an extension or they can franchise tag Ramsey after his rookie contract expires. Ramsey’s base salary this season is $2.5 million and will increase to $3.6 million next season.

“After what came out here, what was it five weeks ago or however many weeks ago it was, yeah I’m feeling like yeah,″ Ramsey said. “If y’all serious about that not being real, then y’all need to make it happen. If not, then maybe what came out five weeks ago will happen. We’ll see.”

Ramsey said he’s going to let his agent and front office handle the situation, but he continues to reiterate a desire to remain with the Jaguars.

Despite the Jaguars’ dismal 4-9 record with three games remaining, Ramsey says he deserves a Pro Bowl selection for the second consecutive season and would vote for himself if he could.

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