Why A’s will have Khris Davis for 2 more years — but longer would be prudent

San Francisco Chronicle

A multiyear extension for Khris Davis isn’t uppermost in the A’s minds as the winter meetings conclude Thursday — but it will be a focus in one month.

On Jan. 11, if Oakland hasn’t come to terms with the major league’s top home run hitter of 2018, the two sides will exchange arbitration figures. Davis is expected to get $17 million or more if a hearing is necessary, but the A’s would like to avoid that because arbitration proceedings can become unpleasant and Oakland wants a long-term relationship with its designated hitter.

And though the A’s are talking about 2019, they’re likely to revisit the idea of a long-term extension, because both sides have made it clear that they’d like to do something.

“I want to be an Oakland Athletic,” Davis told The Chronicle during the season. “I think I fit in well here. I like the organization. I like the coaching staff. I like my teammates.”

Manager Bob Melvin, who is close to Davis, said, “Obviously, he’d like to get something done. I think he wants to remain with us. He’s been open about that. But he is coming back (in 2019). So there’s still time to be able to get that done.”

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