ESPN Report Confirms Kareem Hunt’s Accuser Called Him The N-Word & Struck Him First Before He Pushed Her

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Kareem Hunt is going to have a long road to get back into the National Football League following a damning video of him pushing a 19-year-old woman as well as kicking her to the ground during a dispute at a Cleveland area hotel.

The Kansas City Chiefs would soon release the running back from the roster after it was revealed that he initially lied to them about what happened and what he exactly did, which further lets you know that he had no clue there would be video evidence.

On Friday, ESPN released a report that pretty much confirmed that the young lady at the center of it all, not only called Kareem Hunt  the n-word, but struck him first during the altercation.

ESPN report:

“I only know those girls through a friend,” Watkins tells officers in the video. “They invited us to a club tonight. We got to the club, and they were overly drunk, as you can tell. But come to find out, they’re not even 21. They’re 19 years old. We were like, ‘Can you guys please leave us alone?’”

Watkins tells police Ottinger and her friend, Dominique Hamilton, got along fine with everyone throughout the evening, but that ended inside Hunt’s residence. According to Watkins’ account, Hunt said Ottinger and Hamilton couldn’t stay the night. Watkins says he offered $20 when they said they didn’t have enough money for an Uber ride home. After he sent them into the hall, Ottinger began to scream and pound on the door, according to his account.

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