Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan have been at odds for years

New York Jets

Todd Bowles’ future with the Jets is a fait accompli, but there is another gigantic piece to the puzzle that must be finalized before this wayward franchise can move forward.

What should the powers that be do with general manager Mike Maccagnan?

When the wheels fall off like they have this season, nobody is immune to criticism. Bowles has absorbed his fair share of body blows. The players’ repeated on-field brain cramps have been dissected ad nauseum.

So, where does that leave the man responsible for supplying talent?

Maccagnan won’t be mistaken for Hall of Fame GM Ron Wolf anytime soon, but the smart course for the Jets would be to retain him for myriad reasons.

Although nothing is written in stone yet, my understanding is that Maccagnan will likely be back and play an important role in hiring the next head coach. It’s undeniable that Maccagnan has made his fair share of mistakes, but there’s a belief inside the building that he can improve with a new reporting structure.

The current set-up has created division, friction and passive-aggressive petulance between Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, according to sources. Their partnership, a shot-gun marriage arranged by consultant Charley Casserly and approved by Woody Johnson four years ago, has eroded through the years.

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