Carolina Hurricanes Still Pursuing Top-Six Forward

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The Carolina Hurricanes’ offense was dealt another blow today when Jordan Staal was diagnosed with a concussion, ruling him out for at least a few days if not longer. Staal hasn’t been a dominant scoring presence, but was still logging big minutes as a reliable two-way center that could play in all situations. What Carolina has been searching for all season—and likely even longer than that—has been a top-six forward that can really change the look of their group and provide some instant offense. Tonight, the panel of Insider Trading on TSNfocused on the Hurricanes and Pierre LeBrun noted that the team is still desperately trying to upgrade their forward group:

Carolina, which really, really, really wanted to get in on William Nylanderbut never really got that shot, they want a top-six forward ASAP. They’ve got the surplus on defense to make it happen. 

The Hurricanes never really got that shot at Nylander because the Toronto Maple Leafs ended up signing their young forward at the last minute, but reports had surfaced for weeks that GM Don Waddell had made it clear to them he was interested. That comes as no surprise, given Carolina’s obvious need for a goal scoring talent to move into the group with Sebastian Ahoand company if they want to really make a run at the postseason.

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