Mark Emmert: No sanctions for corrupt programs until after NCAA tournament

College Basketball Talk

NCAA president Mark Emmert confirmed on Wednesday that the information that came to light during the October trial stemming from the FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball will be used in the NCAA’s investigations into those universities.

Emmert also stated that those investigations likely will not be completed by the end for the 2018-19 college basketball season.

“This whole incident has cast a very bad light on college basketball, and we need to deal with it as effectively as we can,” Emmert told reporters in New York after speaking at the Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. “We’re not going to have everything wrapped up by the Final Four, that’s for sure, because these trials are still going to be going on.”

As it stands, there are still two more trials that are left to be held, one beginning in February and one that is set to start in April. Attorneys for the latter are already trying to get charges thrown out, and, according to a report from ESPN, plea deals are still being considered. The sentences for the three men that were convicted in October have not been handed out yet, either.

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