Former Packers star says Aaron Rodgers looks like ‘prima donna’ after Mike McCarthy firing

CBS Sports

With all the tension between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy this season, it became pretty clear that one of them would have to go, and on Sunday, the Packersdecided that person would be McCarthy. 

Although McCarthy is the one who got canned, Rodgers might end up being the one who looks the worst in this situation, at least according to former Packers tight end Mark Chmura. During an interview with ESPN Wisconsin on Sunday, Chumra said the entire situation makes Rodgers look like a "prima donna."

"Aaron's not going to come out of this looking good. Aaron might be happy, but Aaron, to me, looks like the prima donna basketball player in the NBA that wants his coach fired," Chmura said, via USA Today's FTW. 

Chmura, who played for Green Bay from 1993 to 1999 and was inducted into the Packers' Hall of Fame in 2010, believes that Rodgers flat out got McCarthy fired. 

"There were rumblings last week, because I listen to a lot of the national media, that were saying Aaron Rodgers is difficult to coach — whether that's because he's smart or whatever the case may be," Chmura said. "He's not going to come out of this, he might be happy, but I don't think he comes out of this looking good. He got his coach fired."

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that there had been tension between Rodgers and the coaching staff all season. On multiple occasions this year, Rodgers has used his postgame press conference to rip the play of the Packers' offense. Things arguably reached rock bottom on Sunday when Green Bay was only able to muster two offensive touchdowns during a stunning 20-17 loss to the Cardinals, who were just 2-9 on the season going into the game. 

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