1.  Rollovers : Many Sportsbooks use rollovers when you use bonuses or other promotions. Usually if you try to cash out there will be some stipulations in regard to how much you wagered. Rollovers can require you wager up to 10 times the amount of bonuses that you received before you can cash out. If you want to cash out easily it is good to not use any bonuses so there is nothing attached to your account.
  2.  Underdog Parlays : Some Sportsbooks will not let you parlay too many underdogs on one ticket. If you like betting parlays then you should take this into consideration before choosing a Sportsbook. Some might limit the underdogs to only two underdogs per ticket.
  3.  Credit Cards : If you use a credit card you might have trouble depositing funds at some Sportsbooks depending on your ip address or the type of card you are using. Usually bitcoin is the best currency to use because its is used globally.
  4.  Odds Movements : If the odds change while your making a bet you might have to accept the new odds before you can complete the transaction. This can be a little annoying if you like to bet according to the line movements and the odds suddenly change right when you go to place a bet.
  5.  Excessive Promotions : Promotions are great but sometimes they can be a distracting when you just want to place a bet and your getting a bunch pop ups and codes

Conclusion : Each Sportsbook has pros and cons and you don’t have to choose only one. Each bet you place can be done at a different book depending on which book has the best odds or best supports the type bet you want to make.