Miami Dolphins’ Brian Flores wonders where outrage from people of influence is in wake of killings

Palm Beach Post

Dolphins coach Brian Flores, one of four minority head coaches in the NFL, says change is needed in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Floyd, an African American, died after a Minneapolis police officer put his knee on his neck. Floyd’s death has prompted protests, riots and national discussion about racial inequalities and injustices.

Taylor was killed after officers forced their way inside her home during a raid of her Kentucky apartment. Arbery was pursued and killed by armed white residents of a coastal South Georgia neighborhood.

On Friday, Flores released a statement through ESPN. It reads:


Examining potential destinations for free agent QB Cam Newton

New York Post

Amid an odd NFL offseason where Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Roger Goodell announced draft picks slumped over in a chair in his basement, one storyline remains unsolved: the continued unemployment of Cam Newton.

Despite also-ran quarterbacks such as Case Keenum, Marcus Mariota and Chase Daniel signing multi-year deals, the former MVP and three-time Pro Bowler a unsigned as the calendar approaches June. Newton is coming off a series of injuries and recently underwent surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury in his foot, but it’s still strange that no team has taken a flier on the superstar quarterback yet.

It’s fair to assume Newton will eventually sign somewhere, even as the coronavirus pandemic makes it tougher for teams to perform their own physicals. But which team would be the best fit? We examined some of his potential destinations.

New England Patriots


49ers’ DE Dee Ford on Fake Crowd Noise: ‘Couple Teams Already Have That Going On’


Dee Ford didn’t take long to stir the pot during his zoom conference with San Francisco 49ers media members.

The former Kansas City Chief defensive end spoke on a variety of topics from playing the majority of the 2019 season with a bad knee to what games would be like without fans in 2020, and if teams should pump in artificial crowd noise.



Build The Perfect Team Around LeBron James

Fadeaway World

LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all time. Regardless of if you love him or hate him, you just can’t deny the fact that he’s dominated the league for almost two decades now and that he’ll down as the top-notch small forward ever.

However, like most superstars of the game, he’s needed a lot of help to win NBA Championships. There’s no shame in that, as no one has single-handedly won a trophy in the history of the game, no matter how you want to twist it.

James’ game could be easily complemented by shooters, players that know how to move off-ball, and some guys with a great feel for offensive rebounding. That’s the formula that has worked out better for him throughout his career.

But, if you had the chance to put together the ultimate team to help out the King, how would you do it? If we gave you this list of players and a 15$ budget, who would you pick? Let’s break it down:


NBA players react to Donald Trump’s comments about Minnesota protest, CNN reporter arrest

Clutch Points

A bevy of NBA players have reacted to the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and the consequent Twitter comments from President Donald Trump, which have drawn plenty of ire.

Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, took major issue with Trump referring to the Minneapolis protesters as “THUGS,” and Isaiah Thomas didn’t hide his feelings (NSFW warning):

Twitter decided to censor Trump’s tweet due to violating the terms of use and “glorifying violence.”


Bradley Beal: Contract extension gives Wizards opportunity, me flexibility

Pro Basketball Talk

Bradley Beal, through word and action, has shown an incredibly strong commitment to the Wizards.

But is there an opening to pry him from Washington?

Beal on his contract extension, via “All The Smoke“:

It was definitely tough. I came down to damn near the deadline on my decision, because I kind of play devil’s advocate. The whole year, I’m weighing pros and cons of staying or leaving, signing and not signing. Do I wait and try to sign this summer? Or do I wait and try to get traded? Or do I wait and play my contract out? So, I had a bunch of options.


College football coaches mostly silent on conversation surrounding George Floyd, racism and police brutality

USA Today

The profession that sells leadership and toughness as if it were a TED Talk was largely silent on Friday.

The profession that relies on the talent of young African-American men to keep millions of dollars flowing to lavish athletics budgets and bloated salaries took a pass on the national conversation around racism, police brutality and unequal treatment before the law.

The profession that drones on and on about becoming a man and doing the hard things decided to sit this one out.

On a day where athletes across many sports were speaking out, just a few prominent college football coaches tackled this painful moment.

The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that have brought us — again — to this miserable place as a country is apparently too hot for most coaches to handle. The pressure to take a public stand about how we need to change as a society, as a culture, was left to the young people, many of whom are grieving and scared.

#college, #football

Clemson star QB Trevor Lawrence weighs in on controversy surrounding George Floyd’s death

Fox Carolina

Clemson's Trevor Lawrence has took to social media to weigh in on the controversy surround George Floyd's death. 

There has to be a shift in the way of thinking. Rational must outweigh irrational. Justice must outweigh injustice. Love must outweigh hate.

If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and you don’t like how it feels-that’s when you know things need to change.

#college, #football

Auburn transfer Joey Gatewood seeking immediate eligibility at Kentucky

College Football Talk

Kentucky may not immediately have a Power Five football transfer at its disposal.  Or, it may.  Depends.

Joey Gatewood decided in late October of last year to transfer from Auburn.  On the Tigers quarterback’s transfer to-do list were Florida, Kentucky, LSU and Mississippi State, among others.  In early December, Gatewood opted to transfer to Kentucky.

Normally, Gatewood would have to sit out the 2020 season for the Wildcats.

#college, #football

Evander Kane says more athletes need to speak out against racism

The Score

Evander Kane is calling on more white athletes to decry the unjust treatment of black people in the aftermath of incidents like the death of George Floyd.

"We need so many more athletes that don't look like me speaking out about this, having the same amount of outrage that I have inside, and using that to voice their opinion, to voice their frustration, because that's the only way it's going to change," the San Jose Sharks forward said on ESPN's "First Take" on Friday.

"We've been outraged for hundreds of years and nothing's changed," Kane continued. "It's time for guys like Tom Brady, and Sidney Crosby, and those type(s) of figures to speak up about what is right and, clearly in this case, what is unbelievably wrong. Because that's the only way we're going to actually create that unified anger to create that necessary change, especially when you talk about systematic racism."

Kane reiterated what he said in early May about hockey culture preventing many players from speaking out.

#hockey, #nhl

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